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Java 2 Micro Edition Bug Parade
Version: Tuesday, 11 November, 2003 2:55 AM

J2ME Bugs's purpose is the same as Sun's Bug Parade, except it documents and tracks the bugs in the implementations by the phone makers. While Sun has a bug parade for its J2ME reference implementation in the Wireless Toolkit (WTK), there is no such information source for the phone makers' actual devices and emulators. The phone makers are generally not forthcoming with such information and developers are experiencing difficulties in making their J2ME applications work on the multitude of different devices.

J2ME Bugs provides a centralized place for J2ME developers to report, track and discuss these bugs, according to the brand, device model, firmware version and emulator version. The ultimate goal is to encourage the phone makers to adopt a more open attitude towards their implementation bugs and speed up the process of fixing them.

Here are the bug trackers:

Nokia Series 40 (Emulator/SDK)

Nokia Series 40 (Devices)

Nokia Series 60 (Emulator/SDK)

Nokia Series 60 (Devices)

SonyEricsson (Emulator/SDK)

SonyEricsson (Devices)


Please visit the forum for discussions, feature requests and to meet fellow J2ME developers.

J2ME Bugs is created by Rex Guo, WaterLogic Real-Time Graphics

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